July 2009

Calling all people who love to sing ...

Advance notice of a big musical project in May 2010

Holy Trinity Church Fareham will be celebrating its 175th anniversary next May with a month of celebrations. One of the events we would like to hold is a concert with musicians/singers from all our sister churches in the town. It will be on Wednesday 19th May. If you would like to be involved please phone or email your contact details to :-

or 01329 232688

by July 20th 2009

Oberammaergau Passion Play 2010

Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell is arranging an opportunity to go to this play, during a holiday in the Lake District of Salzburg.

If anyone is interested please contact her for more details.
The dates for this holiday are 28th July – 6th August.

Help your money go even further

Leslie Brown

Fareham United Reformed Church is registered for Gift Aid so if you complete a Gift Aid declaration we can reclaim the tax on your donation. Just ask Leslie Brown for a form.

Registered Charity Number X48550.


Audrey Mann

It is estimated that there are 11.6 million orphans in sub-saharan Africa. 1.4 million live in South Africa.
They live in terrible poverty. They need love, shelter, food, education and warmth. Many children's charities are working hard to provide the first four. Charity knitting and crocheting can provide the last. Every single square that is sent is used in a blanket to keep an AIDS orphan or abandoned child warm.
For more information and to offer your help, please speak to Audrey Mann

URC drives petition against BNP parliament seats

The United Reformed Church has made its strong opposition to the new European Parliament seat held by the British National Party clear by starting a petition.

In a statement issued by the church's joint public issues team, church leaders labelled the seat win by BNP leader Nick Griffin a "disgrace" and have urged members to show solidarity over the matter by signing the petition.

Leaders say the document aims to "show the rest of the EU what we think of the racist BNP". It is due to be handed into the European Parliament on the day that Nick Griffin takes his seat.

Junior Church Anniversary and Church Family Picnic

Carol Rogers

Sunday June 28th was a special day for the Junior Church. After a brief introduction the adult congregation joined with the younger children in small groups throughout the building, learning about Jacob and his story, producing pictures, models and other craftwork. The congregation came together for the last part of the service to find out what each group had learned. What became clear was that the children had much to teach the adults in their understanding of the love of God and what it means in their lives, and how Jacob experienced that love in his journey.

The Fareham Well - An Update from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Paul Docherty

In difficult times such as these, most people will have heard rumours of failing businesses on the high street, and some of you may have heard that The Well is one such business in financial difficulties – and may even have heard that the café / bookshop is to close in September. Like all rumours there is often a grain of truth somewhere in the story, but the trustees of the Well are keen that the Christian community which gave birth to the Well 10 years ago as a Christian presence in the centre of our town should know the whole truth of what is happening.

Charitable donations - A Brief History

Leslie Brown

"When I first came to Fareham, there was a special collection at each communion service that was given to charity. At that time, this raised sufficient to make one donation each quarter and it was agreed that the charities should be from four groups – church based working in the UK, church based working overseas, ‘secular’ charity working in the UK and ‘secular’ charity working overseas.