October 2009

From the Interim Moderator

Nigel Douglas

Dear Friends

In church life November has to be one of the busiest months as we try to cram in every possible activity before the Christmas season. And, however much enthusiasm we begin with, the likelihood is that by the middle of November we may find that our commitment is beginning to flag and our ‘sticking power’ losing its grip.

Mimi's Marathon

Amelia Moore

‘Mimi’s Marathon’

I am very grateful for the support I have been given from the members of the Church family and just wanted to let you know a little more of what I shall be doing with Cross-Cultural Solutions. You can find out more about C-CS at


Focus on the World

For four consecutive Sundays the World and has featured in worship. At the Harvest Festival Service on September 29th all the gifts were given to the Basics Bank in Fareham, which ensures that those in need can be given emergency provisions. October 4th was designated as Climate Change Sunday and the evening service showed how we can care for the world in which we live and ensure that it is there for future generations.