January 2010


Leslie Brown


A recent check of the Traidcraft stock held at church revealed that some items had passed their ‘BEST BEFORE’ dates. (I apologise if you have bought any goods which have passed their ‘Best Before’ date but please do let me know if this occurs at any time in the future.) These will be available at a reduced cost during January and include –

Tanzanian Leaf Tea (Best before July 2009 )
Chocolate Geobars (Best before September 2009 )
Tropical Muesli (Best before October 2009 )

It is necessary to reduce the range of stock held and limit the stock to items which have a quick turnover (i.e. regular and frequent sales) and ones with a long storage date.

If I am unable to stock what you would like me to, please try your local shop or supermarket for another Fairly Traded brand. Just make sure you look for the FairTrade logo! These companies might not offer additional facilities, such as schools, for the families of the workers (just an example of some of the work done by Traidcraft) but the FairTrade logo does ensure that the workers are receiving a fair wage.

And please don’t forget to support the activities during FairTrade fortnight from 22nd February to 7th March 2010.

February Events

Carol Rogers

Are you interested in Music? Drama? Creative Arts?

Would you like to see these used in worship from time to time?

Are you free on 23rd February at 7.30 pm?
There is opportunity to get together in the church lounge for a cup of coffee and to talk about how music, drama and other art forms can be a part of our worship. Hope to see you there.
Sue Brown

CTF - Prayer Cycle
Promoting awareness of our many churches working together in Fareham, please pray for the following congregations and their Ministers on these Sundays: -

17th Jan The United Reformed Church; 24th The Baptist Church;
31st Community Church
7th Feb Holy Trinity Church 14th The Methodist Church
21st Sacred Heart Church 28th St Columba Church

Letter from the Interim Moderator

Nigel Douglas

Listening to people reflecting on the year that is passed, I suspect that many will not be sad to see the end of 2009. It has been a hard year for many. Economically, there has been a sharp rise in unemployment and, for those in work, life has become harder and less pleasant. Politically, the expenses scandal has undermined respect for parliament and poisoned public life. Far too many British servicemen and women have died in Afghanistan. And there has been no lightening of the ordinary pressures of life and trials of getting older. Altogether, for many, 2009 was not a good year. So, "ring out the old, ring in the new.!"

And yet the prospects of more of the same hangs over the new year also. In this time of uncertainty we may wonder how we can make the best of it, how we can prepare ourselves for the future. Here are some tips for 2010:

1} remember that God is there and he is not silent; don't be misled by the scepticism of the few and the indifference of the many - there are no compelling reasons for denying that God exists or that the Bible is his word to humanity,

2} reclaim an understanding of providence; God is ay work, receive what he has to give you with thankfulness, and look for his wisdom, especially in the things that you wish weren't happening; resentment, bitterness and anger are the greatest barriers to happiness,

3) and, lastly, lift up your head; live in the light of the Christmas story telling us that God is with us; look around you for signs of his presence, look upward in wonder, love and praise; and look forward, for he directs the course of history and one day he will fulfil all his promises, bringing this troubled world to an end and making all things new.

Sew on and Sew Forth

Audrey Mann

About ten months ago a small group of us started knitting squares for the charity ‘Knit-a-Square’, thus making a difference for some of the most marginalised children on earth, those who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS and live in abject poverty. Many millions of these children live in southern Africa but we can make a big difference in these children’s lives one square at a time !

Just before Christmas I received both an email and a letter thanking us from the bottom of their hearts for all the hard work, love and care shown to these children every time we send a parcel of squares.

When our squares arrive in Soweto, they have to be sorted, arranged, sewn into blankets, edged and personalised with the child,’s initials before being lovingly given to the recipients. There follows a short exerpt from the latest email from Sandy who co-ordinates everything from Australia :-

“Lindi has already organised a new sewing group, the Methodist ladies from Sedibeng who run an amazing support initiative for children and adults with HIV and the elderly, serving some 200 people and are thrilled to have squares to stitch together and hand out. Lindi says the set up is run by two incredible women, Doreen Makete and Sarah Serobatse. The women are meeting once a week and have already done more than 20 blankets - she is just delighted. Well done Lindi.
The women include Doreen, Sarah, Hilda, Sheila, Manatha, Mrs Kekana, Mrs Lefutso, Thabile and Mbali. Thank you from all of us at knit-a-square to all of you for your invaluable help.”

If you are interested in joining our happy band of ‘Knitwits’, or would like to donate wool and/or a contribution to postage and packaging (25 squares cost £12 to post), please have a word with me at any time. Thank you.
Audrey Mann