October 2010

Looking Forward

For I will restore you to health and heal your wounds’ says the Lord.
This quote from Jer.30.7 reminds us that God is ready and willing to make us well. Come and seek his healing on Sunday Nov 7th at 6.30pm
Are you well travelled? In your journeys have you brought items relating to Christmas from the far off parts you have visited? If the answer is ‘yes’, would you be willing to lend them to the Junior Church for their service on Dec 19th? If so please contact Carol Rogers or any member of Junior Church staff.
Invite your friends and neighbours old and young to come along with you to the Christingle service on Dec 12th .We will begin by making the Christingles in the hall at 3pm;the service will be at 4pm and then we will share a sandwich and cake tea from about 4.45pm onwards.
Reminder. Christmas messages for the church Christmas card, together with your donations for Christian Aid, need to be with Audrey and David Mann by November28th please.
Rev Paul Bedford’s induction will take place on Saturday 29th January at 2pm. All are invited to come and help us give him and his wife Susan a warm welcome.

What is an Elder

What is an Elder?
an Elder is Ordained, ie ‘set apart’ to do God’s will and work.
is elected and commissioned to serve God in a particular church, for a pre-determined length of time.
is charged with certain duties and responsibilities within the local church and sometimes also in the wider councils of the Church.
has a list of church members and adherents for whom he/she has pastoral care.
is charged with the Spiritual wellbeing of the church
is responsible for ensuring good order in the regular provision of Worship and the sharing of the Sacraments.
is responsible for the maintenance of the church buildings and has general/particular oversight of the financial responsibilities of the local church.
meets with the Minister and the other Elders to do such other things as may be necessary for the common life of the church.
is a servant of Jesus working within the Church

An Elders role is both a Spiritual and a practical one and carries with it both great privilege and great responsibility. God gives everyone gifts to use in His service; is there one of our church members who you think would make a good Elder? Now is the time to seek God’s will and guidance for new Elders in this church.
A prayer; Loving God, guide us now as we seek your way for us. Create in us a renewed dedication to your service. Set before us the example of Christ Jesus and fill us with the wisdom of your Holy Spirit. These things we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

Prayer for the Week

As we seek to re-examine our responsibilities for mission - grant us your vision Lord.
As we seek to deepen the bonds of friendship between us - grant us your insights Lord
As we seek to encourage the young - grant us your words and your wisdom Lord.
Guide us; guard us; inspire us.

The Spirit SpeaksThe Spirit Speaks


Canada Calling

Katy Bradley

Greetings from Katy, Matthew, Joseph and Benjamin in Vancouver. We are here as I have a one-year post at the Vancouver cancer centre as a Clinical/Research Radiation Oncology Fellow. The advantage of working here is exposure to newer radiotherapy techniques, which we will be rolling out to all Cancer Centres in Britain soon. I am also taking the opportunity to do some research and writing whilst here. We are lucky enough to follow a long line of Fellows and their families and have inherited the ‘Fellow’s house’. Over the years the Fellows have furnished and equipped it, with the contents changing hands each year for a nominal amount. The building comprises three dwellings, so we have plenty of space and so enjoyed having my parents to stay recently. Although Vancouver is densely populated, it was designed to be beautiful, bright and leafy with many parks providing shared outdoor green spaces.
The city is very bike friendly, and we all have bikes as our main form of transport. We don’t own a car ,but belong to a car co-op scheme. There is a network of cycle routes that all join up. I can cycle to work in 15 minutes and have showers, lockers and freshly laundered towels provided when I get here. We have been warned about ‘Vancouver rain’. It will apparently rain solidly for three months starting sometime soon, so that might change the views on cycling. No sign of it yet– we just have loads of bright fall days with fall colours-awesome
Church-wise, we are going to Kitsilo Chirsitian Community Church, which is affiliated with the Canadian Baptists. Check out www.kitschurch.com. They too are in ministerial transition, their previous senior minister having left following a period of illness. They have been served by an interim minister, Mark, over the last few months and the recent sermons on the website are mainly his. The low-down on Canadian school:no uniform,’ free-er style’, huge basement (for three months of wet play), secular( no nativity) and not heavily into homework! The boys seem happy with the set-up now, although Joseph disapproved rather to start with!
The boys have taken the family lead on the language front. Rubbish, trainers and jumpers are out:garbage,sneakers and sweater (with a ‘d’, you understand) are in. In fact I thought it was all going rather well until I had my first Canadian haircut. I had been warned that Canadian hairdressers expect a substantial tip, so I went prepared. As I handed over my offering, the stylist said, ’R-some’. Now I don’t know if I totally over did it, or if that is just Canadian for ‘thank you’! Best wishes Katy.

Adventures in Petersfield

Nicky Gilbert

As you know I have been on placement in Petersfield as part of my training for ministry. It has been an interesting journey so far; following the Revd Peter Norris around has been a bit like being Dr Who’s companion!
Sadly, this first part of my placement has been largely dominated by several funerals, not the most joyful start. Peter has shown me the ropes and comforted grieving relations at the same time,; who says men can’t multi task!
Petersfield has an active congregation of about a hundred with a cross section of people, not unlike Fareham. They have a good junior church group, due largely to Kay, who was employed by the church until July this year, when she left to study full time for ministry at Cambridge.
The high points have been,:an Alpha course; an adult baptism; Harvest festival and a presentation from a group who went to the Ukraine on a medical mission.
The Church has found me a support group, who have given, hugs, hot drinks, advice and dinners in appropriate proportions. I cannot thank them enough for their help, encouragement and prayers. My thanks also to the nice people of Fareham for their continuing support in prayer, encouragement and for the very welcome book grant, which always comes in very handy!
The real Dr Who would leave you with a cliff hanger so……….. tune in next time to find out if both I, and the congregation survive three sermons in one day; if the Bright Party (an antidote to Halloween) on the 31st October goes without a hitch and whether, or not, I ever find my way round Moggs Mead!
Best wishes Nicky

A Time of Remembrance: Letter for November

Jean Antcliffe

Dear friends,
November is a time of remembrance. Armistice day and Remembrance Sunday focus our minds on those who gave, and continue to give, their lives, in war and conflict.
As the month of my Mum’s birthday, it is also a time of personal remembrance. After she died, as I was clearing her flat, I found the following poem which my mum must have copied from a book or magazine. I don’t know the original source, so apologies if permission should have been sought to publish it.

Let me not die before I’ve done for thee my earthly work whatever it may be.
Call me not hence with mission unfulfilled.
Let me not leave my space of ground untilled.
Impress this truth upon me that not one can do my portion that I leave undone.
For each one in thy vineyard hath a spot to labour on for life and weary not.
Then give me strength all faithfully to toil, converting barren earth to fruitful soil.

I long to be an instrument of thine, to bid folk at my table come and dine.
To be the means one human soul to save from the dark terrors of a hopeless grave.
Yet, most I want a spirit of content to work where're you wish my labour spent.
Whether at home or in a stranger clime, in days of joy of sorrows sterner time.
I want a spirit happy to be still, or by thy power to do thy holy will.
Let me not die before I’ve done for thee my earthly work, whatever it may be.
(Source unknown)

Love and Peace
Jean Antcliffe

Poppy of RemembrancePoppy of Remembrance

Christmas Fair 2010

Saturday 27th Nov 9.30-2pm

It’s time to get making and baking again! Time to begin thinking about what we could all contribute to this year’s fair that will make it a fun place to be, with plenty of colourful, good quality things to buy and sell.
As in previous years we will welcome offers of help to run the stalls and of course we cannot get by without your generous cake making, raffle donations and offers of small unwanted items to sell. Last year we also provided small gifts to pack into extra shoe boxes for the Operation Christmas Child appeal and we will be doing so again this year. (This is in addition to the boxes we make up ourselves.) We will also welcome a good selection of plants and craft items, so how about popping into your garden and potting up some of those self-sown seedlings ,or maybe buying a few extra bulbs to put in pretty containers, they always sell well. Or if you’re good with your hands, making us some special bits and pieces to help bring in the pennies. Home made sweets would be welcome too!
We are also hoping to have a lucky dip table and for this we will need some present bags and some small gifts worth a £1. So if you have a bag or two, or could spare a small gift for a man, women or child, we would love to have them. The bags needn’t be new as long as they are in good condition.
Santa will be waiting for any little people you know in the Grotto, whilst the tempting smells coming from the kitchen will hopefully entice you to treat yourself to something tasty, either as a mid-morning treat, or as a very delicious lunch
But of course none of our preparations will be of any use unless we have plenty of visitors, so put the date in your diary, invite your friends and neighbours;, bring your little ones to visit Santa and prepare to have a good time as we begin to celebrate our Lord’s birth among us once again.

Church Garden wins Silver award

The church garden has won a Silver Award in the recent Fareham in Bloom competition. The cetificate joins the three other bronze awards from previous years.

Prayer for the Week

Lord God
Through our lives – at work, at home and in worship
inspire us to work together in love.
Empower us to pray and care for one another and for our neighbour.
Challenge us to serve our local community and
equip us to live together in fellowship.
To glorify your name and your creation.

Praying HandsPraying Hands

Prayer for the Week

Gill Bailey

Lord you are calling.
We are your people, help us to hear.
Lord you are speaking.
We are your people,help us to listen.
Lord you are aching for those who know you not.
We are your people, help us to share your good news.
Lord you are waiting,for us.
As we seek to re-examine our responsibilities for mission - grant us your vision Lord.
As we seek to deepen the bonds of friendship between us - grant us your insights Lord.
As we seek to encourage the young, grant us your words and your wisdom Lord.
Guide us; guard us; inspire us.
I am Alpha and OmegaI am Alpha and Omega