November 2010

Prayer for the Week

Thank you, Lord for our memory, which enables us to build on the experience of the past,
and for our imagination which admits us to a wider world than we could otherwise know.

Thank you too for the grace by which you have revealed yourself to us,
for your patience with our waywardness and your forgiveness for our selfishness,
and for your promise that we may be one – You living in us and we in You.

God we so often distance ourselves from your life-giving love:
the love that dares to speak out and preach the truth, the love that listens
the love found most powerfully in weakness, the love that heals.

Forgive us for those times when we fail to see your glory in the vulnerable,
for those times when we are full of our own importance,
for those times when we lack perseverance when things are not as we want them to be,
for those times when we fail to see the bigger picture and take steps outside our comfort zone to do the right thing.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer, Amen

Child Friendly Church Award Presentation

Child Friendly Church Award Presentation: The Child Friendly award being preented to Mrs Audrey Bolton by Phil Ray at the morning service on November 21stChild Friendly Church Award Presentation: The Child Friendly award being preented to Mrs Audrey Bolton by Phil Ray at the morning service on November 21st
The Plaque and CertificateThe Plaque and Certificate

Child Friendly Church Award

Child Friendly Church AwardChild Friendly Church Award
Fareham United Reformed Church received a Child Friendly Church Award at the November meeting of Wessex Synod. The Child Friendly Church Award scheme is a national award and was adapted from that begun by the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool. To obtain the award the church has had to ensure that the following criteria are in place:
1. A Child Protection Policy is in place, being implemented, and regularly reviewed.
2. The church buildings offer a safe environment.
3. On-going training and support for leaders is in place.
4. There is provision for children’s and youth nurturing groups (0-18 yrs).
5. There are opportunities for children and young people to be included in child friendly
church services.
6. Suitable materials for under 5’s are available in church
7. There are opportunities for the voices of under 18’s to be heard
8. Feedback is obtained from children and young people.
9. There is a vision for Youth and Children’s Work

As well as provision for children and young people on each Sunday, Fareham United Reformed Church has a thriving Monday morning activity Fun for Under Fives(FFUFs) which welcomes children and their carers for a time of fun and fellowship. FFUFs is popular in the local community and there is regularly a waiting list.
The church has a Childrens’ Council, operating under the supervision of the youngest elder, who is 17, which insures that their voices are heard and ensures that they are fully part of decision making.
A fully equipped and staffed crèche is available each Sunday morning during worship.

Prayer for the Week

F Corless

Be in our minds, so that we may see what is true
Be in our mouths, so that we may speak with power
Be in hearts, so that we may learn to be touched
Be in our hands, so that we may work with tenderness
Be in our faces, so that we may shine for you.

Shining in darknessShining in darkness