February 2011


What do you do on Wednesday mornings?
How about joining us in the lounge for an hour or two of knitting, chatter and laughter. Even if you can’t knit, but would like some company, you will be very welcome; gentlemen too!
For nearly two years we have been knitting squares for the charity ‘Knit-a-square’, ready to be made into blankets for children with HIV/AIDS, many of whom live in southern Africa. The squares we make are sent to Soweto where they are sewn into blankets and embroidered with a poorly child’s initials.
We meet most Wednesdays mornings from 9.30am onwards and would love to see you.
If any one has any odd balls of wool lurking in the backs of cupboards and could sneak up and capture them, we would always be pleased to give them a good home. The parcels of finished squares cost about £14 a time to post, so perhaps if you have no wool, but would like to help, a small donation of money towards the postage would be more than welcome.
For more information please speak to Audrey Mann.
Three small orphansThree small orphans

Love Light Romania

Love Light Romania, is the small charity helping children from former Romanian orphanages who have, or who been affected by, HIV/Aids, plus thirteen families who live on a nearby rubbish tip.
Just before Christmas we sent parcels of pasta,rice and flour to them and at the Christmas Fair stuck coins on paper stockings in order to help raise £5000 to buy a bus, which it was hoped, would be fitted out to provide schooling, health care and general help/advice to these ‘invisible’ and suffering people.
The good news is that an elderly couple, on hearing about the project, offered to buy them a house instead; the bad news is that it will take time to acquire and set up as the Romanian authorities are not very keen on this kind of ‘interference’ and can be very obstructive.
In the mean time, Jo, the lady who runs the charity, visited the rubbish tip and found a new family with a recently born baby, sleeping in a box of straw. Jo left, collected some blankets and clothing and took it to the grateful mother. A week later she returned to find the baby naked again, —- the clothes and blankets had been sold for food!
These people do not exist as far as the authorities are concerned and receive no help whatsoever. This in a EU country in 2011!
So what can we do? Well firstly we can remember them in our prayers, and secondly donations of money however small are always received with astonished delight; they are just so grateful that anyone cares.
There are some pictures on the notice board in the vestibule and if you would like to know more go to :www.lovelightromania.com
I will pass on any donations that you would like to make,directly, so that we can be sure they receive them.
Gill B

Christian Healing

Sunday 6th March at 6.30pm
Led by Rev Brenda Russell

Jesus said,’I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but have the light of life.’ Jh 8.12

In the bible there are many examples of Jesus’ ability and willingness to heal.God does not want his children to suffer, any more than we would wish sickness on ours. So why not come along to this quiet, peaceful service, either seeking healing for yourself, for your loved ones, or to sit quietly and support those in need . Bring your friends and neighbours too, God loves all and will answer the cries of all who turn to him.

Letter from the Minister

Dear Friends,
As I begin my first Minister’s Letter, may I thank you all for your welcome, and especially for all your efforts to make the Induction day so splendid. Susan and I were pleased that friends had come from very many places, not least Wellingborough, to share with us in that act of worship and welcome. Thank you for looking after them so well. It was a moving day, which banished the memory of the Moving Days of a couple of weeks before!!
We look forward to all that life and the Lord have in store for us. It is important to stress, at the outset, that I have not come with some grand plan; some template that I have seen elsewhere and which I believe we are called to fit in to. It would of course be presumptuous, and foolish, if I had. The way I ministered in Coventry, was different from that which emerged in Wellingborough, and it will be different again here. I am already doing a lot of listening to your stories as pilgrims, in your lives in Fareham and elsewhere, and look forward greatly as we renew our trust in the living God who leads: the God who has yet more light and truth to break forth from His word.
The days are lengthening as Spring comes. The Christian season of Lent comes directly from the word lengthen, and the warmth and energy shown in the Spring assist us to try to do something fresh and new in our spiritual lives.
Habits can be ingrained in about 20-30 repetitions, I believe, and so the 40 days of Lent give us a great opportunity maybe to do without something in order to concentrate our minds more on God, but equally to take up something new that might bring us closer to Him.
One might start taking Bible reading notes, or try reading longer passages of scripture at a sitting. Prayer might be your need and Lent could give you the chance to explore different ways of praying, either alone or with friends/relatives. Music, and the treasury which is in our hymn books, might be your resource to read, play or sing.
If you want any guidance, at any time not just towards Lent, please feel to free to contact me in confidence and I will, with the Lord’s help, try to guide you into new paths, for we are nothing if we are not Pilgrims together.

Yours ever, in Christ,

The Revd Paul BedfordThe Revd Paul Bedford