April 2013

We baked, we ate, we will change peoples’ lives

A huge ‘Thank You’ from PFZ (Parent Free Zone - the church's youth club) for your support for our Great Cake Bake Sale, which was held after morning worship on Sunday 17th March. Great Cake Bake SaleGreat Cake Bake Sale

We had a really good time baking, selling and eating the cakes and hope that you did too.

We are pleased to let you know that we have raised a massive £585 – £248 from the sale of cakes and £337 in donations and sponsorship. If you still want to contribute this can be done through our giving web page at http://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/pfzcakesfarehamurc

We have shown the church short films about how Comic Relief can change peoples’ lives and give them a fresh start when life has been difficult, including the families of Dennis in Kenya and Niozewe in Zambia.

Over £75 million has been raised this year through Comic Relief and we have enjoyed taking part, with your support. The £585 we raised can pay for lots of good work – for example:

• £5 pays for a vaccine to help protect a child in Malawi against deadly diseases such as tetanus and hepatitis B.

• £15 screens ten children in Zambia for an eye condition so they can receive the right treatment.

• £25 provides exercise books for 25 homeless children in Ghana to help them gain an education and the chance of a better life.

• £50 keeps a homeless child safe, fed and off the streets for a whole month in Uganda.

• £300 pays for 1,000 feeding tubes to help save the lives of critically ill newborn babies in Tanzania.

Thank You!

Joe, Benjamin, Matthew and Joseph

From Christmas Tree to Easter Cross

The Cross stands as witnessThe Cross stands as witness

The tree decorated at Christmas became the symbol of Easter.

Throughout Lent symbols were added to the cross and on Easter Day the Cross was thatched to be a symbol of life and new birth.

After the morning service the Cross was placed in the Church garden as a symbol of hope for all the community.