May 2015

Truly Inspirational - raising funds for the Bible Society

“Inspirational” was a description over heard on Saturday during the annual Bible Society stall at our church on Saturday 16th May. Inspirational, a description which reflects and acknowledges the combined efforts of four of our most senior ladies, Molly Freeman, Hazel Hill, Shirley Fawcett and Mabel Rees. Their sterling commitment has spanned many many years - more years than they wish to remember - in which they as a team have raised thousands of pounds to spread the Good News through an annual fundraising event for the Bible Society and in so doing, have lived out in full our Mission Statement, “Sharing Jesus’ love with the world today”. Truly inspirational!

Truly inspirationalTruly inspirational

The most senior member, Mabel Rees, has been so much of the continuity and lifeblood of our church over the years. With her husband George in the 1980s, she set up the Easter Egg Trust. Ever since, every child in church on Easter Sunday receives an Easter Egg and even those on holiday are not forgotten. Although no longer able to attend church regularly, Mabel keeps abreast with reading the Messenger and Church Minutes carefully and responds whenever and wherever support or help is requested.

Mabel’s support of the Bible Society Stall this year, as in previous years, was no less personal and loving. When Hazel went to collect Mabel’s contribution, she was amazed at the sight of up to one hundred lovely healthy plants. Begonias, fuchsias, wisteria, sweet peas, lupins, tomatoes and broad beans, all lovingly raised from seed, tenderly cared for and prepared ready for sale. “I could not have got another pot in the car” exclaimed Hazel. Yet when thanked. Mabel passes off her significant contribution with the words, “It is for the church, my dear. It is for the church.”

It is with grateful thanks that the church thanks and sincerely acknowledges the work, commitment and dedication of Molly and her supporting team, Hazel, Shirley and Mabel.

You ladies individually and as a team, are truly inspirational. Especially to one who did not quite get my tomato seeds sown in time this year.

Written by Jane Dowdell