March 2017

Praise the Lord with Flowers - floral art evening Wednesday 29th March 2017

Fareham Floral Decoration Society, now renamed Fareham Flower Club was founded in 60 years ago in 1957. My Mum, Molly Cooke, was one of the founder members and its first Secretary. Back in the 1950s they used to put on a floral decoration show. I used to tag along with Mum and to keep me amused and possibly out of mischief, she would give me a few flowers and a container, together with a few tips on how to arrange flowers. These tips have stayed with me over the years. I wouldn't win prizes but that knowledge has helped to support and contribute to the flower ministry at the church.

It would be great to expand our flower ministry, which will in turn make our weekly worship and events like Easter, Harvest and Christmas even more special. Please come along and join us in the Church Hall on Wednesday 29 March 2017 at 7.30pm, and learn some new skills, including basic skills for absolute beginners, to help you feel more confident about arranging a bunch of flowers. Most importantly we can have some fun and fellowship.

Please bring along a small bunch of flowers, and perhaps some greenery from your garden (if you have some) and we'll provide you with a container with a piece of wet floral foam. Some demonstration and support, some tips and advice will be provided - and then it will be over to you and your imagination.

At the end of the evening we will have some refreshments and have a look at what each of us has created.

All are welcome - and put your name on the church notice board if you plan to attend.