Who knew the Reformation could be so much fun?

A Monk's TaleA Monk's Tale

In 1517, German monk Martin Luther pinned a debate proposal to his local church door - unwittingly setting off a chain of events which would lead to the European Reformation.

With a feeling of Horrible Histories and Monty Python, A Monk's Tale helps the audience to understand one of the most significant movements in history - The Reformation.

The show is light, accessible and funny, using sketches and songs to explain the specifics of the story - the indulgences, purgatory, the sacraments and theological disputes of the period. As the play unfolds, the audience will be informed and challenged as well as entertained and amused.

This one hour show, which will take place on

    Friday 22nd September 2017 at Fareham Community Church from 7.30pm

is suitable for all ages, all faiths, as well as sceptics, and has a young, lively cast with a wealth of experience, who are all seasoned Edinburgh Fringe performers.

Tickets are priced £5 for adults and £2 for children - available from Liz Dunning (Church Secretary); Cafe Imbizo; Holy Trinity Parish Office (01329 232688); and The Highlands Hub