Our Church family celebrates Chloe's Baptism

The Hinchley Family with Revd Paul Bedford following Chloe's BaptismThe Hinchley Family with Revd Paul Bedford following Chloe's BaptismSunday 7th April was a special day for Meryl and Geoff Moore and the Hinchley family with the Baptism of Chloe Hinchley, the daughter of Isabel and Jon Paul. Isabel (Izy) was brought up in our Church family and it was wonderful for those who have known her since she was a baby herself to witness her own daughter's baptism.

Family Service led by Revd Paul Bedford

12 May 2013 - 10:30am

Prayer Ministry after the Service.
Traidcraft in Main Hall

Celebrating a New Minister.

A packed church welcomed the Revd Paul Bedford at his induction as Minister of Fareham and Sarisbury Green United Reformed Churches on January 29th. The service was led by the Moderator of the Wessex Synod, Revd Clare Downing and the Revd John Slow gave the address.
The congregation included the Mayor and Mayoress of Fareham, Councillor Brian and Mrs Susan Bayford, respresentatives of the other churches in the town,and from the United Reformed Churches in the South East Pastoral Area together with a group from Paul's previous pastorate in Wellingborough, another from his home church in New Malden together with family and other friends. The service was followed by a celebratory tea. The congregations at Fareham and Sarisbury Green look forward to a bright future under Paul's leadership.
The Revd Paul BedfordThe Revd Paul Bedford
The Congregation are joind by the Mayor and MayoressThe Congregation are joind by the Mayor and Mayoress
A celebration cake and loaded tea tableA celebration cake and loaded tea table
The Mayor and the Minister.The Mayor and the Minister.

Further pictures of the event can be found in the What we do:recent posts section.

Prayer for the Week

Journeying God, you beckon us to join you on the road of life.
In this New Year, you call us to come, to follow, to travel with you.
As the wise men brought gifts to the Christ child, help us to bring our gifts to Him.
The brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – unusual yet significant gifts. Gifts for a king, a priest and for dark times.

Immanuel, God with us, we have no gold, no frankincense, no myrrh, but we bring you our worship, our prayers, our self denial, poor and pale as they are, knowing that you will not turn us away but will hold out you arms and welcome us.

We ask that you give courage to the cautious, strength to the weary, vision to the short sighted.
When we are unsure of where you are leading, and cannot chart our path or progress, give us trust and help us to never forget that you do know best and will encourage, enable and bless all who are willing to do their best for you and for your people.

Lord, the magi long ago looked for you in the wrong place, believing that you would be in a palace; but you were in a place where animals were stabled, laid in a feeding trough. Too often today people look for what they feel they need in the wrong places...
buying things and making them into gods or idols to be worshipped
blocking out what seems to be hard with alcohol or drugs
looking for predictions of hoped for better times through horoscopes, fortune tellers or others who bring false hopes.
Lord we pray for all who need such props to keep going and to bring what might be false hopes. Help us to know when and how to use our gifts and our trust in you, the only true hope, to help them draw close and come to know you. When we cannot give practical help, encourage us to life these people to you in prayer, knowing that you can and are willing to help.

As the magi who came to visit Jesus were placed in a dangerous situation, yet were guided by you, our God, to safety we pray today for those who are in danger of any kind:
children and adults who are abused
addicts who are dicing with danger
children, women and men having to live in dangerous sometimes war-torn areas
refugees pushed out from places of safety
all those who have gone to dangerous places to work for and to seek peace in places far from their homes
and others known personally to us
May each one find the help and protection that they need and may they know that you care, we care and that there is hope.

Meet each one of us at the point of each need, and allow your healing power to flow into each part of our lives.

Help us in the days to come to respond in trust to you alone and to place all that we are and can be into your hands.

This we ask in the name of Jesus, Light of the World, Prince of Peace, Redeemer and Saviour.

Shining in darknessShining in darkness

Prayer for the Week

When the world was dark and the town was quiet, you came.
You crept in beside us.
And no-one knew.
Only the few who dared to believe that God might do something different.

Will you do the same this Christmas, Lord?
Will you do the same this New Year?

Will you come into the darkness of today’s world?
Not the friendly darkness, as when sleep rescues us from tiredness,
But the fearful darkness, in which people have stopped believing
that war will end
or that food will come
or that cries for justice will be heard,
that the world will become a better place?

Will you come into that darkness and do something different,
To save your people from death and despair?

Will you come into the quietness of our town?
Not the friendly quietness, as when lovers hold hands,
But the fearful silence
when the phone has not rung,
the Christmas card or letter has not come,
the friendly voice no longer speaks,
when the doctor’s face says it all?
Will you come into that darkness and do something different,
Not to distract, but to embrace your people, who need your love and care?
Will you come into the dark corners and quiet places of our own lives?
As the end of the year has passed, we look back with mixed emotions.

At the beginning of a new year we remember 2010.

For some this was a good year
They enjoyed good health;
Their lives prospered and their expectations fulfilled.
Will you come into that contentment and help them to truly give thanks,
Remembering that not everyone has shared their blessings?

For others, the past year was disastrous.
Their carefully laid plans fell apart
Their decisions proved to be the wrong ones
They endured sorrows and life left them angry and confused
Will you come into that anger and confusion and help them to recognise that you have still walked beside them, giving them the courage to keep on?

In this the first week of the New Year
What can we wish that this week, that this year, may bring to us?
Nothing that shall make the world of others poorer, nothing at the expense of others; but just those few things which in their coming do not stop with us but touch us, as they pass and gather strength:

• A few friends who understand us, and yet remain our friends.
• A work to do which has real value without which the world would
feel the poorer.
• A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail not be blazed.
• An understanding heart.
• A sight of the eternal hills and unbelting sea and of something
beautiful the individual hand has made.
• A sense of humour and the power to laugh.
• A little leisure with nothing to do.
• A few moments of quiet, silent meditation.
• The sense of the presence of God.
• And the patience to wait for the coming of these things, with
the wisdom to know them when they come.

Lord, be with us today and always.
Be our Light, our Guide and our Comforter.
Be our Strength, our Courage and our Sanctifier.
May this New Year be a time of deep spiritual growth for us,
A time of welcoming Your graces and gifts,
A time for forgiving freely and unconditionally,
A time for growing in virtue and goodness.

When the world was dark and the town was quiet, you came.
You crept in beside us.
Do the same this Christmas, Lord.
Do the same this New Year. Amen

Advent and Christmas at Fareham United Reformed Church

Advent and Christmas at Fareham United Reformed ChurchAdvent and Christmas at Fareham United Reformed Church

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