Come and Join Us at Fareham United Reformed Church


We hope that you will find much to interest you here and will want to join with us as Christians in Fareham. Our church mission statement is "Sharing Jesus' love with the world today". This means we, all ages, come together each week for Sunday worship to listen for God's word for us. The rest of the week we try our best to act on what we have heard both in church and through our own prayers. We try to care for each other to the very best, and this love and care then flows out through all of us in our work, leisure and home lives. Wherever you are as regards faith in God, come among us and help us together, to grow closer to him day by day.

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Love - Pray - Vote


The UK’s next general election will be held on 4 July 2024.

We believe that participation in elections is a vital opportunity to give people a voice to choose who will speak for them in government.

Loving God,

Now that an election has been called, hear our  prayers for our country and the campaign ahead.

We pray for those who are standing for election, for their safety, and for their willingness to listen and to speak.

We pray for truthfulness and kindness to prevail as the issues are debated.

We pray that each of us will be inspired to use our voice and our vote for your goodness and glory.

Inspire us, God, to Love, to Pray and to Vote.


Ecumenical Prayers for Peace - A Prayer Vigil for Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and the Middle East

On Sunday 22nd October 2023 a prayer vigil for peace took place. It was hosted by St James’s Piccadilly in partnership with Christian Aid, Embrace the Middle East, the Amos Trust, Sabeel Kairos, Bloomsbury Baptist Church, The Methodist Church in Britain, Quakers in Britain, and the United Reformed Church. You can view some of the content of the vigil.
We pray for the people of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.
We long for peace and for an end to violence and destruction of every kind.
We unite our hearts with all who are suffering,
with those who have lost loved ones, and with all who cry out in anguish.
The Prayer of the Mothers:
God of Life:
You who heals the broken-hearted, binding up our wounds.
Please hear this prayer of mothers.
You did not create us to kill each other
Nor to live in fear or rage or hatred in your world.
You created us so that we allow each other to sustain.
Your Name in this world:
Your name is Life, your name is Peace.
For these I weep, my eye sheds water:
For our children crying in the night, For parents holding infants, despair and darkness in their hearts.
For a gate that is closing – who will rise to open it before the day is gone?
With my tears and with my constant prayers,
With the tears of all women deeply pained at these harsh times I raise my hands to you in supplication:
Please God have mercy on us.
Hear our voice that we not despair
That we will witness life with each other,
That we have mercy one for another
That we share sorrow one with the other
That we hope, together, one for another.
Inscribe our lives in the book of Life For Your sake,
our God of Life Let us choose Life.
For You are Peace,
Your world is Peace and all that is Yours is Peace,
May this be your will.
And let us say Amen.
Co-written by Sheikha Ibtisam Mahameed and Rabba Tamar Elad-Appelbaum and translated by Amichai Lau-Lavie
The full liturgy can be downloaded at

Intercessions in Difficult Times


Eternal One, in these days of sunshine and rain, of refreshing breeze and lazy afternoons, we praise and give you thanks for all that is good in our lives

  • for those we love,
  • for those whose company we enjoy,
  • for the beauty that surrounds us in the created order,
  • for the random acts of kindness we see day by day,
  • and for all that adds value and worth to our living.

Lord Jesus, you often told the rich off for ignoring the poor, you weren’t a great guest at dinner parties, rebuking the host for the guest list, telling folk not to grab the best seats, and to give without any hope of earthly reward. We lift to you, dear Lord

  • all who are desperate in these days,
  • all who already struggle to pay their bills,
  • all who are in deep panic about the coming power rises,
  • all who cannot make any further savings, and
  • all who will go cold and hungry this winter.

Holy Spirit, you are the creative spark which sets us ablaze, you are the warmth of love that leads us to serve the poor, you are the fire in our bellies that leads us to cry for justice; Inspire, we beg you, those who aspire to lead our nations

  • to work for justice,
  • to be creative with reforming our broken energy markets, and
  • to offer relief to all who dread the coming months, that none may go cold or hungry.

Eternal One, in the midst of our praises and our prayers, we’re worried,

  • worried about our own bills,
  • worried about our church’s bills,
  • worried about how the groups who use our church will afford to continue,
  • worried about how we can make a difference in these difficult times.

Keep us ever alive to your spirit, allow us to find ways to open our doors and our hearts to your promptings, to unleash our resources of time, talent and treasure, that none may go cold or hungry.


A prayer for Ukraine