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Church supports Jeel al Amal Boys Home - Generation of Hope

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The Church Meeting in February decided to support Jeel al Amal Boys Home in Bethany, Israel as our overseas charity for the next two years.

Jeel al Amal (Generation of Hope) School and Boys Home was founded in 1972 by two Christian Palestinians, Alice and her husband Sahhar, in the village of Bethany just outside Jerusalem. Today it is run by their daughter, Najwar.

There are around 350 children in the primary school and 90 boys living in the Boys Home. A few small girls come to the school during the day but live in their own homes. The children come from Jerusalem and from towns and villages in the Palestinian territories. Many are orphans or have endured terrible domestic problems. It costs £2,000 a year to support a boy.

This is the school visited by some of our church members on their visit to the Holy Land in 2012. We were greeted by many smiling faces and even one or two hugs. The children had been taught to say 'What is your name?' in English, so it was a question answered many times during our visit.

The building was fairly basic but bright and clean. The boys rooms were neat and tidy with brightly coloured duvets and each child had a shelf on which to keep his few possessions.

In late October the children pick olives from these trees in the school grounds which they then pile in the corner of the dining room. The olives are then turned into oil which they can use in the home.

We will undertaking a number of fundraising events in the coming year - ideas most welcome!

Shalom, Brenda Russell