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Easter 2015 - Yes, good exists! Jesus Christ is risen!

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Loving God,
as we ponder the world and all its ills,
places despoiled by violence, exploitation, injustice,
we are bound to ask: Does good exist?

Healing God,
as we read or watch the news,
people downtrodden, humiliated and scarred,
we are bound to ask: Does good exist?

Liberating God
as we see the earth and its beauty threatened,
forests uprooted, fields built upon and rivers polluted,
we are bound to ask: Does good exist?

Living God -
yes, good exists!
The empty Cross cries out with hope and joy.
Jesus Christ died and rose again,
showing us a way to live.

So, let us rise with Christ
to conquer the ills of the world,
bring relief where there is distress,
peace where there is none,
and joy beyond all joy.

This prayer was taken from the United Reformed Church's prayer handbook 2015 'Listening for the whisper'
Written by Iain McDonald, based on Psalm 4
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