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Fair Trade Opens Doors...Come On In... Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

[img_assist|nid=2381|title=Fairtrade Fortnight 26 February - 11 March 2018|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=236]

Florientina Beietia, a banana producer in Panama City says 'There were times when me and my children didn't have enough to eat. Thanks to Fairtrade there is a better future for my grandchildren'.

Millions of farmers around the world aren't paid what they deserve. We can all make sure that they are treated fairly.

Please make a special effort in the next fortnight to change your buying habits, and purchase as many fairly traded items as you can. Don't forget that many supermarkets do stock fairly traded items - and once you start buying them, keeping doing so.