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House rules

The process

Posting items - MEMBERS

In general, events or stories that would have been appropriate for a Church notice board and/or The Messenger are appropriate for the Church website. If it would not have been appropriate for either of these, it is probably not appropriate for the website. If in doubt, consult the Minister or Church Secretary.

1. You create your story or event and submit it. There is no facility to upload images.
2. The website will automatically email the editors to tell them that there is an item for review.
3. An editor will review your item. There are three outcomes:
a. Your item is published
b. If significant changes are needed, they will consult you before publishing the item
c. Your item is referred on pastoral grounds to the Minister or Secretary who will contact you.

4. The magazine editor will post your story on the magazine page if you have asked for it to be considered for inclusion in The Messenger (all events will be considered for The Messenger) and see where else it needs to go. This includes whether or not it is published on the home page.

All contributions must be civil, tasteful and relevant.

No images or other files can be uploaded other than by editors.
No defamatory comments (capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organisation)
No comments about any matter before the courts or dealt with by the courts
No incitement to commit any crime, including racial hatred
Don't post messages which could be unlawful or offensive in any way
No swearing or offensive language
No spamming or flooding (reposting a similar message more than once)
No personal information
Keep posts relevant
No commercial advertising or links to commercial websites
Post in English only
Use capital letters in the traditional way
No impersonating others
No inappropriate nicknames
No investment advice
Complaints or disagreements about any matter or person in the church must be made through the proper channels, not this website.

[These House Rules are based on the BBC website rules and further advice and explanation of terms can be found on ]