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Mimi's Marathon

‘Mimi’s Marathon’

I am very grateful for the support I have been given from the members of the Church family and just wanted to let you know a little more of what I shall be doing with Cross-Cultural Solutions. You can find out more about C-CS at

In December 2009, I shall be travelling to Ayacucho, Peru to do volunteer work in the community. Ayacucho is a mountain city which suffered significantly from the communist guerrilla movement in the 1970s and 80s. Today there is still a lot of trouble with drugs, in particular cocaine. I shall be working with young people and women who get caught up in the drug trade, and helping them to establish better life chances. I shall be in Ayacucho for 3 months to support local care-giving projects, and to share some British culture.

In support of my fund-raising, I shall be doing a Sponsored Bicycle Ride
in November, from Sheffield (where I have lived for 5 years) to Fareham. I should be very grateful if any members of the church would consider sponsoring my bike ride. The sponsorship goes directly to the charity hosting my trip to Peru.
Online donations can be made by searching for my page on the Cross Cultural Solutions website :-

Or cheques can be written to ‘Cross-Cultural Solutions’
and sent on my behalf to :-
Cross-Cultural Solutions
Payment Processing Centre
44 Tower Point, North Road
Brighton, BN1 1YR
United Kingdom
Alternatively, contact my parents, Meryl and Geoff Moore.

Many thanks, and best wishes
Amelia Moore