A New Dawn..


As we open the New Year, we celebrate the culmination of the Christmas season with Epiphany - the manifestation, the showing forth, of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

The sense of discovery of a new dawn is at the heart of the story of the "Wise Men from the East", whose gift-giving holds such significance - gold for a King, myrrh with Calvary and tomb overtones, and frankincense, an offering to one who is God.

Advent Message 2013.........things are looking up

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Dear Friends

There is talk of a recovery. Perhaps people will feel more confident about the future this Christmas than last.

Not, I suggest, if they are in shipbuilding in Portsmouth, or are among the long-term unemployed, or existing in the Philippines, or readying themselves for the Western withdrawal from Afghanistan, or trying to keep warm in a refugee camp in Jordan, or living in poverty in a former Soviet republic…

Sustaining Concern

[img_assist|nid=1581|title=Sustaining Concern for God's World|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=276|height=183]Comic Relief in March and Christian Aid Week in May, along with press reports of more than a million people displaced from Syria, combine to remind us of suffering, deprivation and desperation in many parts of the world.


All Creation Sings: Art and Flower Festival 2nd -4th September

A while ago I was asked by Cams Hill school in Fareham, whether I thought it might be possible for them to stage an exhibition of their children’s art work in this church.

Having been involved in two very successful Art and Flower Festivals at Christ Church Milton, it seemed to me that we could put on a similar event here.

This will help to make a connection with the school and since the children’s parents will be invited along to see and will give us an opportunity to meet people who would not normally come inside our buildings.

Fury Camp

On Friday 15th July, Helena, Miriam, Sandy, Imogen and I arrived at FURY camp with the theme ‘Receive’.

We started by putting our tents up in the rain and having a light supper. We then went straight into worship after being introduced to the staff for that weekend. We had a talk on different ways that God is mentioned in the bible and the images to do with Him. We had a campfire and hot chocolate before going to bed in what felt like a hurricane!


A is for the animal all humans have inside,
N is for the naughtiness we try so hard to hide.
O is for the ordinary things that we all do.
N is for the niceness that is found inside us too.
Y is for the questions ,why and how and when and where?
M is for the memories that remind us that we care.
O is also original; we are all the only one.
U is for unpredictable; life and all we’ve done.
S is for Special, that is all of us,
God knows us through and through, we are not anonymous!

Love Light Romania

Love Light Romania, is the small charity helping children from former Romanian orphanages who have, or who been affected by, HIV/Aids, plus thirteen families who live on a nearby rubbish tip.
Just before Christmas we sent parcels of pasta,rice and flour to them and at the Christmas Fair stuck coins on paper stockings in order to help raise £5000 to buy a bus, which it was hoped, would be fitted out to provide schooling, health care and general help/advice to these ‘invisible’ and suffering people.

Letter from the Minister

Dear Friends,
As I begin my first Minister’s Letter, may I thank you all for your welcome, and especially for all your efforts to make the Induction day so splendid. Susan and I were pleased that friends had come from very many places, not least Wellingborough, to share with us in that act of worship and welcome. Thank you for looking after them so well. It was a moving day, which banished the memory of the Moving Days of a couple of weeks before!!